135 Years of Bordiga

Founded in 1888, the Distillery Bordiga has been synonymous with quality raw materials, renowned products and traditional and artisanal processes for 135 years. The historic recipes are handed down from generation to generation, and are still today the starting point for a production attentive to novelties, but always faithful to its origins and roots. The knowledge and experience of the distillery, and of its master distillers, are still maintained, preserved and valued today.



A story of passion

The Distillery Bordiga was born in 1888 with the creation of the original recipe of Vermouth di Torino developed by Cavalier Pietro Bordiga, passionate herbalist, profound connoisseur of alpine botanicals and oriental spices. Given the success of this first product, Pietro Bordiga he decides to open his own distillery and to do so he chooses Cuneo. A choice dictated both by his origins, his family was originally from Valle Grana, and by the location of the city: very close to the Langhe and at the foot of the Alps.


Visit our distillery

In Bordiga we follow traditional and artisanal procedures, according to a knowledge handed down from generation to generation since the foundation of our distillery. Book a visit and enter our world. Discover from our master distillers the process with which we give life to our products, starting from the distillation of all the raw materials which has always taken place directly here in the company.




Our products Bordiga they are the maximum expression of all our values. For their production, we follow traditional and artisanal processes, following recipes handed down from generation to generation. The botanicals are treated individually, through maceration and distillation processes, without the use of centrifuges and ultrasounds or solvents. All products are distilled in our company, where we still use our own ancient alembic fueled by wood fire.

We believe that respect for nature and environmental sustainability are fundamental. This is why our production is careful and respects seasonality, nature and its rhythms. For us, these values ​​translate into botanicals spontaneous hand picked, without the aid of engines, without pesticides, fertilizers and above all environment-friendly.

Our history, and that of our products, has always been strongly intertwined with that of our territory. Over time, we have built and cultivated close collaborations with local professionals and mountaineers in a precious sharing of knowledge.

Spirits of the Alps

Discover all the ways you can savor the Spirits of the Alps using the products Bordiga to create cocktails and pairings all to try. From aperitifs to after-dinner drinks, find the combination of artisan spirits that satisfies your palate, body and mind. Take inspiration from our recipes, or experiment according to your tastes to try it yourself a taste of Spirits of the Alps!


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